N & O Surnames from 
History of the Great Lakes by Charles published by J. H. Beers & Co. in 1899 
Vol. 2 - Biographical
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Index of Surnames N

Nagle, Capt. John P. 724
Napier, Capt. George R 396
Nash, Capt. Charles E 143
Nash,Thornas 143
Neider, Felix 511
Neill, Robert H 1037
Nelson, Capt. Laurence G 810
Neville, Capt. Richard 986
Neville, Capt. Richard, Jr 986
Newcomb, William Harvey 142
Newell, Wallace 976
Newman, Richard Lano 87
Newman, Thomas Franklin 66
Newnham, Stephen L 461
Newton, G.M 1753
Nicholas, Isaac W 158
Nicholson, Capt. Joseph 324
Nickerson, David P 93
Nickerson, Vincent D 94
Noble, Jacob A 454
Noone, Robert A 402
Normand, Capt. George A 811
Normand, Capt. James H 214
Normand, Capt. Joseph 213
Normand, Joseph 214
Northwestern Transportation
Company 65
Norton, John H 91
Nyland, Henry 663

Index of Surnames O

Oades, Johm 278
Oades, Walter H 278
O'Brien, Bartley 417
O'Conner, John 386
O'Connor, Capt. Thomas 46
O'Day, Capt. Simon 489
Odette, Henry 1033
Ogden, Capt. Benjamin F 660
Ogden, Capt. James 660
O'Hara,Thomas 408
Oldham, Joseph R 16
Oldman, George 106
Oldorff, Capt.A 880
O'Mara, John A 592
O'Mara, Patrick 593
O'Neill, Capt. Patrick H 1076
O'Neill, Capt. W. H 1028
Osborn, Capt. Frank D 270
Osborne, T. J 942
Osgood, Wilkins 921