ISLE ROYAL SHIPWRECKS - Index of Names and Ships
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"Isle Royale Shipwrecks," by Frederick Stonehouse AuTrain, MI: Avery Color Studios, 1983 Copyright. Permission received by Frederick Stonehouse exclusively for "Downward Bound" archives.

This index is divided into four sections: chapter titles, offshore wrecks, inshore wrecks, and a complete listing of the names and their maritime connection. The entries in the chapter titles section include the year built and any other ships mentioned in the chapter. If the field is blank, the information was not found. For the offshore and inshore sections, this book lists brief shipwreck information (about a paragraph or two long) for each of 19 ships.


Mapleleaf 1872
Cumberland 1871 Cataract, Manitoba, Francis Smith
Alice Craig Isle Royale, Favorite, Agnes
Algoma 1884
Athabasca, Alberta, Manitoba, Challenge, Andy Johnson, George Hand
George Hand L. L. Lamb
A B Taylor 1884 Warrington, Hiriam R. Dixon
Centurion Hiriam R. Dixon, America, Castle, Moonlight, Kent, Penobscot, Chris Grover, W H Singer, Tom Boy, Manistee
Henry Chisholm John Martin, Hiriam R. Dixon, City of Cleveland, Roman
Harlem 1888 Hudson, Thompson, Milwaukee, W. F. Merrick, Wales
Frank Rockefeller 1896 Charles W. Wetmore, Sagamore, Maida, Maritana, Rescue, S.C. Schench, South Park, Meteor, Atikokan, Curry, Dunelm
John B.Trevor 1895  see Frank Rockefeller entry
Monarch  1888 Edmonton, James Whalen,George H. Parker, Salvor, Ottawa, Kilderhouse, Monkshaven, Ionic
D. B. Meachem 1908 James Whalen, Ottawa
Bransford 1902 Ottawa, James S. Dunham, Coralia, City of Two Harbors, Harlem, James Whalen, Favorite, Matalaafa, Record, John H. McLean, Clifford S. Hood
Dunelm 1907 F.B. Squire, Monkshaven, Empire, Bowan
Northern Queen Cumberland, Cox, Chisolm, James Whalen, Horn, Sagamore
Chester A Congdon 1907 Dunelm, Chester, Empire, Salt Lake City, Henry B Smith, George B Barnum
Glenlyon 1893 Centurion, Bransford, Glennlinnie, Glensannox, Strathmore, Cook, Glen River, Harlem, Minnekahta
Kamloops 1924 Kenora, Quedoc, E W Oglebay, Lambton, Martian, Altadoc, City of Bangor, Crawford, Champlain, Murray Stewart, Islet Prince, Winyah, Manistee, Henry B Smith
Saskatoon 1927 Bronson, Empire, Coteau, James Whalen, Monarch
America 1898 Algoma, Kamloops, Edwin F Holmes, Easton, Prindoc, Emporer, Frank L Vance, General O M Poe, Maxwell, Interstate, Moose, Fuller, Violet G., Winyah
Cox 1901 Puritan, Kiowa, Isle Royale, Crawford, Morris Tremaine, Strathmore, Strathboy
Prindoc 1901 Gilchrist, Battleford
Emporer 1911 America, Kimball, Andrea Doria, William F. Craig
Henry Steinbrenner 1901 Philip Minch, Wiefrid Sykes, Joseph H Thompson, D M Clemson, D G Kerr, William E Correy, Sykes, Ontadoc, Hochelaga, Harry Berwind, Woodrush, John McCartney, Imperial Leduc, Pathfinder, J M Diver, Protector
Scotiadox 1904 Martin Mullen, Burlington
Siskawit John Jacob Astor
Lamplighter Oswego, Challenge
You Tell
Little Wall
Northern Belle
Golden Eagle
John Jewett
Osceola 1882 Golspie
Northern Queen James Whalen, J.T. Horne, Empire
William T. Roberts
Peter A. B. Widener
PC 782 Woodrush, Mesquite, Mackinaw, Faith, Favorite
Celt Samuel Mather
Monroe C. Smith
Ferdinand Schlesinger Assinboia
F. B. Squire
Albinson Capt. Dunelm
Augsburger Survivor Henry Steinbrenner
Autterson, Charles Capt. Chester A. Congdon
Balfour Capt. Bransford
Beatty, Samuel Chief Engineer Monarch
Birnie, Alex Capt. Ottawa
Boult, W.A. Capt. Ontadoc
Brian, William Capt. Kamloops
Brian, William Capt. Kenora
Christianson Capt. Crawford
Christianson, Martin Capt. Winyah
Cole, Beatrice Stewardess Cox
Craig, William F. Steamship Inspector For CRR Emporer
Daniels, Martin Capt. Chris Grover
Deringer Capt. D. B. Meacham
Fader Capt. Islet Prince
Fisher, George Capt. Sykes
Flynn Cornelius Capt. (Salvage Diver From Duluth, MN) America
Gehl Capt. Champlain
Gilbert Capt. (VP & Marine Superintendant of IRTC) Cox
Irish Capt. Saskatoon
Johnson Capt. Cox
Johnson, Harry Engine Room Crewman Henry Steinbrenner
Kelling, Adeline Ship Nurse Cox
Kinton Doctor Ottawa
Kumm, Kenneth Forward End Man Henry Steinbrenner
Lind, David Kamloops
McCullum, J. D. Deckhand Monarch
McDougall, Alexander Capt. Whaleback Ship Designer
Moles, W. J. Mate Ottawa
Moore Capt. Algoma
Morrey, James Mate Emporer
Morse, Arthur 3rd Asst. Engineer Henry Steinbrenner
Nelson, Fred Wheelman America
Oleson Sisters Passenger America
Patterson, P. A. Capt. Frank Rockefeller
Playfair, James Org. Owner Emporer
Reid, Tom Great Lks. Salvor Henry Steinbrenner
Ritter, Arthur 3rd Mate Sykes
Simpson, Dick Capt. Altadoc
Simpson, Ray Capt. Quedoc
Smith Capt. Henry Chisolm
Smith, Edward Capt. America
Soldinski, John Lighthouse Keeper Cox
Stiglen, Albert Capt. Henry Steinbrenner
Taylor Capt. Glenlyon
Walkinshaw, Eldon Capt. Emporer
Wileson, Mr. Mate Henry Chisolm
Winving, A. C. Capt. Bransford
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