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Eventually all my family files will make it to this site.  The following are presently on this site and searchable. 

Narol (Lubaczˇw), Rzeszˇw, Poland   My grandfather was born in this parish.  In going through the records I noticed many family surnames, so have decided to transcribe and put online.  This is the start of this project and I will continue to add to it. Updated December 2003

Wazny-Skibicki Family originating from Narol (Lubaczˇw), Rzeszˇw, Poland  Surround villages have been started and the Wazny line has been traced back to the 1700s. Same as above for now. 

Purman-Zielinski Family - Have researched and researched lately on this line the last few months and have found many new family members in Poland and Michigan.  August 10, 2010.

Baase found in Mecklenburg Germany My mother's father's family has the not so common name of Baase.  I am extracting records from Mecklenburg parish records and putting them into PAF.  Updated Jan. 2001

Hoffman-Smith Line  I have just updated this line of the family with new information.  It involves New York, Connecticut, Ontario Canada, and Michigan for the main part.  German and English family lines. Updated February 2002

Baase - Auger Line  This file is updated and includes lines from Mecklenburg Germany (Baase - Krause) and Auger, Allan, Amy, McQueen, McFarland/e from Cornwall, Scotland and various parts of Canada. Updated  February 12, 2008.

Ocha - Fontaine - Heal  French and Canadian family lines of web master's husband. Many new family records have been found for the Ocha family! Updated April 2007

Hamp Hunter Files - This file has been updated and loaded to this site.  Updated  July  2002

Lalonde Surname Database - Uploaded Carol Lalonde-Hamp's latest family files with over 9,100 Lalonde descendants.  Starts in the 1600's in France and progresses to Quebec, Canada and spreads through out Canada and the US.  Updated May 2005

More coming!

Web pages and databases created  2000-2007 ę Patricia Hamp with the help and encouragement of cousins and friends.


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