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Samuel AUGER b.Oct 1841, West Downs, St. Teath Parish, Cornwall, England
d.06 Sep 1919, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan
Hellen ALLAN 04 May 1845, Ontario, Canada
Abt 1867 - Unable to find records thus far
Samuel AUGER b. 06 Oct 1813, Cornwall, England d. 06 Jan 1880, Pilkington, Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada
Ann AMY b. Abt 1813, Cornwall, England d. 11 Oct 1885, Pilkington, Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada
  1. Samuel Nelson AUGER b. 05 Sep 1867, Bracebridge, Canada; Wellington County d. 16 May 1942, 410 Fremont, Bay City, Michigan
  2. Agnes AUGER b. 17 Aug 1870, Ontario, Canada
  3. David Coburn AUGER b. 17 Mar 1874, Muskoka County, Ontario, Canada d. 11 Feb 1943, Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan
  4. Jesse AUGER b. 16 Feb 1877, Pilkington, Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada d. 24 Jan 1957, Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan
  5. William Henry (Harry) AUGER b. 10 Jul 1879 d. Aug 1941
  6. Annette AUGER b. 03 Apr 1882, Ontario, Canada
  7. Ellen Jane AUGER b. 06 Dec 1886, Canada d. Aft 1942
siblings of: AUGER
  1. Richard AUGER b. Cornwall, England d. USA
  2. Thomas AUGER
  3. Rebecca Amy AUGER
  4. John Cotton AUGER
  5. William Henry AUGER
  6. Mary Jane AUGER
  7. Moses AUGER
  8. Aaron AUGER
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1Various sources were used see personal webpage

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