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Magdeleine Clemence AUGER b. abt. 1785
d. 30 October 1859
Jacques Henri GLAUDIN abt. 1773

parents: Magdeleine C. AUGER

parents: Jacques Henri GLAUDIN 
Father: Henrrique GLAUDIN

Mother: Maria GUIRANA

  1. Jean Dubose GLAUDIN (b.abt 1813)
  2. Jean Nicolas GLAUDIN (b. 2 July 1809)
  3. Joseph Gregroire GLAUDIN (b. 1 May 1814)
  4. Maria Rosa GLAUDIN (b.5 November 1818)
  5. Jean Baptiste GLAUDIN (b. 1819)
  6. Victor GLAUDIN (b. August 1822)
  7. Gregory GLAUDIN (b. 1823)
  8. Celeste GLAUDIN 8 June 1826
siblings of: AUGER
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Baptismal records of St. Louis Cathedral, census records, birth & death certificates, all of Orleans Parish, LA.

This sheet submitted by: L. Dean
Email: Dean70@sbcglobal.net



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