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I have been working on Cornwall records off and on for years but in November 2008 I decided it was time, to dive in and  work seriously on the files available. 

I started on the records in November by extracting all the marriages from the Phillimore Marriage extracts for Cornwall to get started.  Completing that I then started on extracting all marriages and baptisms listed in the IGI for each parish. I am about 3/4 of the way through those on 29 January 2008. While going through the records of the eastern side of Cornwall where my line of the family originated I was able to make a few connections and carry the family line back to the mid-1500's! It paid off to take on the project of extracting records for me. When finished with the rest of the IGI I will put the records online.

Cornwall Subsidy Lists for St. Minver 1300s-1500s New File

Cornwall Protestation Returns 1641 Names with county locations New File

Cornwall Protestation Returns 1641 Map - gives you an idea of where they were clustered New File

Cornwall Hearth and Poll Taxes 1660-64 New File

1660 Poll Tax
1664 Michaelmass Hearth Tax
Voluntary Tax 1661 & Hearth Tax of 1666 & 1667 - only 2 names

Cornwall Military Survey 1522

Cornwall Subsidies 1524 & 1543 (& Benevolence of 1545)

Cornwall Muster Roll 1569

Can you help? If you have access to any of the parish registers in Cornwall or on film through Family History Centers, would you be willing to extract all the Odgers and Augers and other spellings you find? I have already done St. Minver, St. Mabyn, and Minster and have on order other parishes for the future. I have found while doing these that the IGI does have errors in spellings, and dates. In one parish the baptisms have been consistently off by 1 year in about half of the records due to page layout.


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