Welcome to the genealogy segment of my web domain.  I have information on families scattered about far and wide; therefore, figuring out the best way to layout this section becomes quite a dubious task, so please bear with me!
     Ever since I have taken interest in my heritage, which has been for as long as I can remember, I soon realized that my ethnic composition was quite different than my compatriots.  Growing up and living in the south, I have yet to meet another person who is Finnish, and doubt I ever will.  The people I have met with French origins were predominately Cajun, while my ancestors were from Québec.  Although the Cajuns were originally expelled from a former part of Québec, the difference between the two cultures is that of night and day.  Ironically, I am only 1/8 English and I ended up with one of the most "English" of surnames.  At first glance, genealogists, or those erudite in surname origins, would write me off as a person with dominate English lineage, but my family's story could not be any further from that common misconception.

     Here is my earnest attempt to organize all of the research  I have amassed while delving into my heritage.  I have tried to devise the most efficient format possible, so if you have trouble finding anything, I apologize in advance and urge you to contact me for further assistance.

[My Ancestor List ]
•Find out if we are related by viewing my direct ancestors through five generations

[Ancestor/Family Biographies]
•Read biographies about the ancestors I could scrounge up enough information to write about, occasionally extends through several generations.

[Interactive Family Sheets]
• The format lists parents and their children with dates and clickable links to travel through known  descendants and generations.

[Photograph Collection]
•Photograph collection of ancestors and current generations.  Women may be listed under their maiden name (when solo), or married name (when posed with family).

[Helpful Research Links]
•Some helpful links I have collected along the duration of my never-ending  genealogical quest.

[Group Sheet Submission]
•If you are connected to any family mentioned, please submit your information to me for proper preservation.  Dates on the living will remain confidential.

[Sources Cited]
•A selected bibliography of the sources consulted during my research; may also appear in the links section.   

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•A special thanks to the following people  who have bent over backwards for me on countless occasions: Alicia Koski-Marshall, Don Chaput, Pat Hamp, Suzanne, Larry Smith, Joyce Gardner, my gracious family, and everyone else who has contributed to this project.

Marie (Fontaine) & Célestin Rémillard