1855 No. Shore Saginaw Bay Land Change Request

To Col. Mereypeney Commissioner of Indian Affairs

We the undersigned Chiefs and head men of the Chipaway Indians now residing and expecting to reside on the North Shore of Saginaw Bay in accordance with the Treaty Stipulations made and concluded at Detroit on the third day of August A.D. 1855 as most respectfully ask the following amendments to be added to said treaty before its ratification by the President and Senate viz.

Whereas said treaty provides that there shall be two townships set apart on the North Shore of Saginaw Bay:, for the purpose of enabling each head of family each single person over the age of twenty one years old to locate eighty acres of land and each orphan child forty acres, and whereas upon examination of said townships, the greatest portion of them are selected by the State as swamp lands. We therefore request that there be two additional whole townships and two fractional, making six townships or parts of townships. Described as follows, Township No. (17) seventeen and eighteen (18) North Range 4 East. Also Seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) North Range Three East. Also, fractions seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) North Range Five East. We have every reason to believe that the above six townships is Little Territory enough for our locating and tho? that will locate with us.

We furthermore request that the sum of four thousand dollars be set apart out of the inappropriated thirty thousand six hundred dollars, for the purpose of aiding us to p? one of two saw mills now in operation upon said above townships also to aid us in attaching our run of staves to said mill. When will aid us in building material and bread for our families. All of which will and much to our present and future welfare. Said sum to be expended at the direction of our agent at Detroit. We also desire to have all our half breed relatives whom reside amongst and ? with us particated and enjoy the same rights and privledges under said treaty that we enjoy and your petitioning ever pray thus.

Saginaw City Deceb. 3rd 1855

Signed in presence of

Mackinac Agency
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