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Washington City, Feby. 28, 1855

To our Father
The Comm. Ind. Affs.
Washington City


The morning has come again, and the bright sun shows us the clear sky with no cloud, so are we in our hearts and minds, clear and of good courage, for we have taken our Father by his hand, have seen him with our eyes and heard the words from his tongue. Father our journey to the great city will do good, we now know that we have a father who will do justly by us, and will not suffer others to wrong us, although we have not gained all we desired, owing to the causes you have made known to us by your words. Still we are able to return to our connexion and tell them, that you have promised to answer all their enquiries made thru us their Delegate, in writing at an early day, and that you will be Prepared early in the summer to see us and make a full and just settlement of all our affairs. Father we have one request that you furnish us with a list of Half Breeds who were paid under 6th article Treaty 1836. And now Father, having confidence in your wisdom, justice and kindness it is our unanimous wish and desire that when you are prepared to make the settlement with us, that it shall be done with you and in the City of Washington and not by any agents sent to our settlements, where they and ourselves shall be disturbed and troubled. Thus Father in our great wish and desire and our ears will listen to hear the summons when you want us to come. Father we have been kindly treated by you. You have listened to our words and have answered us in kindness. You have given promise of a written letter, to inform us fully how we stand with the U. States, under all the Treaties. This we want soon, that we may know what we shall do. We need means to buy more land and make improvements before the land shall be taken by the white settlers near us. You have promised to pay the expense of our journey from our home, to this city and back again for this we thank you.

Father – We shall ever remember this visit and your kindness to us, and we shall with our friends and children around us repeat the word, you have spoken to us, the promise you have made, and the kind treatment we have had. Father, your children are soon to t?i? their steps towards the west, and where their friends are anxiously waiting and thinking on our absence. Our wish and hope is that we shall find them all well and happy, and prepared to receive the news we shall bring them. And now Father we take our leave, wishing you great comfort in your heart and body, and hoping we may soon have the joy to meet you again in this city to close our long unsettled business and continue the friendly feeling which now fill our mind and hearts.

Delegates of the Ottawa and Chippewa Michigan.

  • Kowise
  • Kiminichagon
  • Mwakiwina
  • O namanise
  • Napanekisluk
  • Kiwekodo
  • Pishaboy
  • Chigwashi
  • Pinesiwikishink
  • Otchibwe
  • Misgwawak
  • Nipinisi
  • Mashgomake
  • Pepamise

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1828-1880
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 404 1853-1855

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