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1852 September All Employees Mackinac Agency

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Statement of all persons employed within the Mackinac Agency of the United States Indian Department during the year ending September 30th 1852, the dates of their appointments, their compensation, places of employment, &c.

SurnameGivenCapacityDate of ServiceWhere StationedCompensation per AnumRemarks
SPRAGUEWilliamInd. AgentJuly 1 1851Detroit Mich$1,500.00 
SPRAGUEGeorge W.MessengerJuly 11 1851Kalamazoo Mich$360.00 
MORANLouis M.InterpreterOct. 8 1845Detroit Mich$400.00 
HAMLINAugustus Junr.InterpreterFeb. 24 1850Mackinac Mich$400.00 
CAMPAUTousantInterpreterJuly 1 1849Grand Rapids Mich$400.00Resigned Oct. 28 1851
CAMPAUAntoineInterpreterOct. 29 1851Grand Rapids Mich$400.00In the place of Tousant Campau
MANNINGWilliamPhysicianAug. 6 1847Sault Ste. Marie Mich.$100.00 
PLATTAlonzoPhysicianJan. 25 1850Grand Rapids Mich$100.00 
IRVINEJohn D.PhysicianOct. 24 1848Mackinac Mich$100.00Left the service
CAMPBELLJohnBlacksmith1841Grand Traverse Mich$480.00 
STRONGDavid L.BlacksmithAug. 1 1849Mackinac Mich$480.00 
CUSHWAYBenjaminBlacksmithMarch 1 1833Saginaw City Mich$600.00 
AH KAY O SAY Assistant BlacksmithSept. 18 1845Grand Traverse Mich$240.00 
RAINVILLEJosephAssistant BlacksmithAug. 1 1849Mackinac Mich$240.00 
KENNEDYThomas S.Assistant BlacksmithAug. 1 1851Saginaw City Mich$240.00 
SQUIERJohn W.Gun SmithJuly 1 1849Grand Rapids Mich$600.00Removed Sept. 2 1852
MILLARDLyman B.CarpenterApril 9 1850Mackinac Mich$600.00 
FAIRBernardCarpenterMay 1 1850Grand Traverse Mich$600.00 
SMITHGeorge N.Teacher &c.Jan. 1 1844Old Mine Mission Mich$400.00 
PRATTJerome M.FarmerAug. 21 1849Grand Traverse Mich$400.00 
MERRILLJohn J.FarmerOct. 14 1850Old Wing Mission Mich.$400.00 
NEBENESEH FarmerNov. 24 1847Ottawa Colony Mich.$400.00 
STONEWilliam R.Assistant FarmerMay 1 1850Grand Traverse Mich$400.00 
FRASERJamesOverseer of FarmingFeb. 1 1850Saginaw City Mich$500.00 
ROUSSAINEustacheInterpreterNov. 26 1849Sault Ste. Marie Mich.$400.00 
GODFREYGeorge C.BlacksmithJune 21 1849Sault Ste. Marie Mich.$480.00Resigned Sept. 30 1852
PIQUETTEJeremiahAssistant BlacksmithJuly 16 1849Sault Ste. Marie Mich.$240.00Died July 31 1852
TURNERIsaacGun SmithSept. 2 1852Grand Rapids Mich$600.00In the place of Jn. W. Squier

I certify on honor that the within is just and true and that to my knowledge, information, and belief none of the within named employees have any interest or concern in the trade with the Indians, except for and on account of the United States.

Wm. Sprague
Ind. Agt.
Mackinac Agency
Office of Indian Affairs
City Detroit Sept. 30th 1852

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1828-1880
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 403 1839-1852

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