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Office Indian Affairs
Detroit Dec. 15, 1851


I have the honor (in the absence of Agent Sprague who is in attendance upon an afflicted member of his family.) herewith to transmit to you, as directed by your letter of instructions to this office, under date the 30th of July last, the following accounts of persons employed in the Mackinac Agency for services rendered prior to the 30th of June last and of others for Articles furnished the United States, under the direction of Mr. Babcock lat Act. Supt. Ind. Affairs.

SurnameGivenPositionService ProductPlace TribeDateAmount
McLAUGHLINJamesFarmer Ottawa Chippewa1849 2 qr.$100.00
McLAUGHLINJamesFarmer Ottawa Chippewa1850 1 qr.$100.00
DAVENPORTJames C.Asst. Smith Chippewa Saginaw1851 1 qr.$60.00
MANNINGWilliamPhysician Ottawa Chippewa1851 1 qr.$25.00
MERRILLJohn J.Farmer Ottawa Chippewa1851 1 qr.$100.00
CAMPBELLJohnBlacksmith Ottawa Chippewa1851 1 qr.$120.00
PRATTJerome M.Farmer Ottawa Chippewa1851 1 qr.$100.00
SMITHGeorge N.Teacher Ottawa Chippewa1851 1 qr.$100.00
PLATTAlonzoPhysician Ottawa Chippewa1851 1 qr.$25.00
FRASERJamesOverseer Farming Chippewa Saginaw1851 1 qr.$125.00
NEBENESEH Farmer Ottawa Chippewa1851 1 qr.$100.00
CUSHWAYBenjaminBlacksmith Chippewa Saginaw1851 1 qr.$150.00
DAVENPORTJames C.Asst. Smith Chippewa Saginaw1851 1 qr.$60.00
MORANLouis M.Interpreter Michigan District1851 1 qr.$75.00
AH KAY O SAY Blacksmith Ottawa Chippewa1851 1 qr.$60.00
KELLOGGSA. S. Transportation  $60.00
PAULAlexander Agricultural Products  $46.87
KANTEREdward Lumber  $30.00
DOUSMANMichael Lumber &c  $27.99
BRADLEYGeorge Ploughing  $20.00
DEARJames Ploughing  $14.00
DANKLES WALESand Co. Advertising  $4.00

I have been directed by Mr. Sprague to say, that accounts No. 1, according to the files of this office has been paid by Mr. Babcock, his predecessor, but that Mr. McLaughlin contends that it has not been paid, the vouchers therefor signed in blank only, having been lodged in the office for payment at a subsequent day.

The payment of No. 2 has been suspended for sometime, on account of missing cattle, said to have been lost, this the carelessness of Mr. McLaughlin while in the Government employ. From all the information in the possession of this office the charge of carelessness against Mr. McLaughlin is not sustained and I have also been directed by Mr. Sprague to recommend the payment of the same.

The like recommendation of payment is also made in regard to accounts No. 3 to 15 inclusive together with No. 22. No. 16 being for the transportation of coal for the Smith Ship at Mackinac, is also recommended to be paid out of the Iron and Steel fund when sufficient.

The purchase of the corn for the payment of which No. 17 is presented was ordered by Mr. Babcock with the view of its payment out of the Agricultural fund of the Ottawa and Chippewa.

The purchase of the Lumber for the payment of which, No. 18 is presented was also ordered by Mr. B. with the view of its payment out of the same fund according to the request of the same Indians made in Council at Mackinac. Similar accounts to No. 19, it has been the custom of former Agents, I have been informed, to pay out of the Iron and Steel and Agricultural funds.

Nos. 20 and 21. Mr. Fraser overseer of Farming to the Chippewa of Saginaw writes me are good and valid and that he will certify them the first opportunity.

With great respect I am
Dear Sire Your Obt. Servt.
Richd. M. Smith
for Wm. Sprague Indian Agent

Hon. Luke Lea
Comr. Indn. Affrs.

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1828-1880
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 403 1839-1852

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