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1839 Census Chippewa of Saginaw

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Office of Indian Affairs
Michilimackinac Nov. 18th 1839

Census turned in by Henry R. Schoolcraft of property within the Mackinac Agency. Within the papers on film is a census of the Chippewa of Saginaw.

Ahtahwas Band 
NameNumber in Family
Ahtahwah Chief3
Sa ge too7
Ca ba7
Ta wa goonse10
Mah jah queewe zenea5
Pe gah ne gi zhe go qua3
Oh dist qua gwim4
Re wace7
Sa win6
Oh wun o qua2
Chah ba wis2
Bah quence3
Ta ta quah sung3
She go cun3
Ke wa tuh je win o qua4
Ah to quah na by2
Oh che gauze3
? swa wa shing7
Ne gig5
Pa mah go jin4
Oh tah wah6
Pe twa we tum5
Ah ne quud too4
Nah qua ge zhe go qua2

  • The Chief owns 40 acres of land and Ca bu 40 more, perhaps 30 improved.
  • 300 bushels of corn.
  • The Band raised about 360 bushels.
  • April 10. The Band have made this spring about 12,000 pounds of maple sugar.
  • One yoke of Government oxen and one yoke private oxen.
  • The Band owns 4 cows and one bull.
  • The mission have one log school house. School on quarter.
  • 32 professed Christians.

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1828-1880
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 403 1839-1852

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