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Port Huron Sept. 1 1837

I write you a few lines at the request of this Woman. She wants you to write to the Governor for her. Her son is gone to Mississippi, he had promised to leave her some provisions, but did not. She wants the Governor, to let her have some, very much, because she is starving. She begs of you to write to that effect if you please. This is the Black River chief’s wife, O-kee-tick, diseased; her name is Omejahwennong qua

Keyeagick her son

Col. Geo. McDougall
Keeper Light House
Fort Gratiot

Note on the above by H. R. Schoolcraft. The above was communicated.

Black River Sept. 25, 1837

To Our Father Schoolcraft

Dear Sir,

We the undersigned Chiefs of the Chippewa tribe, residing at this place, in council assembled, request that you will please to apply, to our great Father, the President of the United States, to authorize the person who now has the charge of Fort Gratiot, to issue some Pork & flour, for the support of ourselves, and women and children, until our annuities are sent to us, and deduct the same out of our annuities, as we are almost starving for want. The commanding officers at Fort Gratiot, before the troops evacuated Fort Gratiot, always gave us provisions in our great distress, but now we are very destitute.

May the Great Spirit have You in his Holy Keeping. We are Your Children etc.

Nay kee zhich, his mark
Pee twa was naw quot, his mark

Witness: Maunqwudaw or George Henry

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1881
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 402 1828-1838
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