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Abstract of Licenses issued within the Superintendency of Lewis Cass Governor of Michigan Territory between the 1st day of September 1824 and the 1st day of September 1825.

SurnameGivenDate Of LicenseAgencyPlace Of LicenseAmount of CapitolAmount Of BondRemarks
ST. BERNARDHypolite1824 Sept. 6DetroitVermillion River near Wabash607.62 1/21200.00 
CHOBERTIsidore1824 Sept. 6DetroitIriquois River near the Kankakee607.62 1/21200.00 
CHEVALLIERJohn Bte.1824 Sept. 18DetroitSandy Creek and Thunder Bay Country524.001200.00 
DUCHARMEJean B.1824 Sept. 23DetroitSciawasse River1000.002000.00 
GIRARDCharles1824 Sept. 23DetroitMouth of Saginaw River800.001600.00 
VERMETTECharles1824 Oct. 13DetroitMorrains Village on River Iroquois204.04 1/2408.09 
GODFROYJames G.1824 Oct. 13DetroitAshkkeebees Village on the Cold Water593.68 1/21187.37 
METTEZFrancois1824 Oct. 13DetroitBurrelles Lodge on the Tippecanoe River405.71811.42 
VALLADJacque1824 Oct. 13DetroitMongoakwunong near Fort Wayne204.04 1/2408.09 
CHOBERTFrancois1824 Oct. 27DetroitKaukemeeong near the Traverse498.991500.00 
ROYWamansam1825 Feby. 15DetroitRiviere aux Sable361.741000.00 
HARSENJacob1825 Aug. 16DetroitKankakee2000.004000.00 
BUTTERFIELDIsaac1825 Feby. 21Sault Ste. MarieSault Ste. Marie156.631500.00 
BUTTERFIELDIsaac1825 Feby. 21Sault Ste. MarieSault Ste. Marie 78.31 1/2 
SHAWThomas1825 Apl. 7Sault Ste. MarieTequimcon167.0083.503 mos.
GUIRNONLouis1825 Apl. 22Sault Ste. MarieFond du Lac217.611180.803 mos.
CHAPMANBela1825 July 28Sault Ste. MarieGrand Portage2500.002800.00 
DAVENPORTWilliam1825 July 28Sault Ste. MarieCrowing River3000.004500.00 
DUFAULTLouis1825 July 28Sault Ste. MarieRed Lake2500.004500.00 
ASHMANSamuel1825 July 28Sault Ste. MarieSandy Lake1134.002500.00 
MORRISONAllan1825 July 28Sault Ste. MariePenbina River1500.003500.00 
BAUBIENPaul1825 July 28Sault Ste. MarieVermillion Lake2000.003500.00 
DAVERNOYPierre1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieChippewa River1000.002000.00 
OAKSCharles H,1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieLeach Lake1300.002650.00 
BELONGEIRJustin1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieRice Lake470.271800.00 
ASHMANSamuel1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieCrow Wing River970.502600.00 
FAIRBANKJohn H.1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieWar Road1500.005000.00 
ERMATINGERJames1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieOuisconsin River1200.003100.00 
CLOUTIERCharles1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieOntonagon River400.001200.00 
CADOTTEMicheal (sic)1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieLapointe500.001250.00 
GOUTHIERJoseph1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieChippewa River800.003900.00 
JOHNSTONGeorge1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieLac du Flambeau2100.002500.00 
CONNORThomas1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieSnake River600.002300.00 
WARRENLymon1825 Aug. 1Sault Ste. MarieLac du Flambeau3000.006000.00 
BAZINAITJean Bte.1825 Aug. 2Sault Ste. MarieLac Chetac1500.002250.00 
CADOTTEJean Bte.1825 Aug. 3Sault Ste. MarieSnake River600.001800.00 
HOLIDAYJohn1825 Sept. 17Sault Ste. MarieOntonagon River670.001135.0011 months
HOTLEYJohn1825 Sept. 17Sault Ste. MarieGrand Island100.002000.0011 months
VICAUXJacque1824 Aug. 30Green BayMillwaukee River1934.505000.00 
FARNESWORTHWilliam1824 Oct. 12Green BayMuno'amina River1048.953000.00 
PORLIERJacque1824 Oct. 26Green BayPortage of the Quisconsin1160.593000.00 
CHAPUTStanislaus1824 Oct. 26Green BayUpper Ouisconsin1005.082000.00 
GRIGNONAmable1824 Oct. 26Green BayWinniboago Lake750.17part of 2000.00with Charles GRIGNON
GRIGNONCharles1824 Oct. 26Green BayButte des Morts528.51part of 2000.00with Amable GRIGNON
BEAUPREELouis1824 Nov. 9Green BayButte des Morts400.98 1/21200.00 
SWANMoses1824 Nov. 23Green BayMillwaukee River206.001100.00 
POWELLPeter1824 Dec. 23Green BayMuno'amina River235.25 1/21100.00 
SHAURETTESimon1824 Aug. 8Green BayUpper Ouisconsin220.881100.00 
CABLEAlvah1825 Feby. 24Green BayMenominee River402.501200.00 
GRIGNONLouis1825 April 13Green BayButte des Morts156.53 3/41080.00 
BRUNETTEDominique1825 June 22Green BayWinniboago Lake94.62 1/21050.00 
ROYFancis1825 July 20Green BayPortage of the Quisconsin199.991600.00 
MACKStephen Jr.1824 Sept. 6ChicagoRocky River1000.001000.00 
LAUGHTONDavid1824 Sept. 9ChicagoSangamo1500.001500.00 
CLERMONTJeremie1824 Sept. 18ChicagoMillwaukee1600.001600.00 
HUBBARDGurdon S.1824 Sept. 30ChicagoIriquois1000.001000.00 
BOURASSALion1824 Oct. 5ChicagoKankakee800.00800.00 
HARSENJacob1824 Oct. 5ChicagoKankakee1200.001200.00 
KINZIEJames1824 Oct. 15ChicagoMillwaukee1000.001000.00 
WEEKSCole1824 Oct. 23ChicagoRocky River1500.001500.00 
LAFRAMBOISEAlex1824 Nov. 15ChicagoMillwaukee1600.001600.00 
CICOTTGeorge1824 Dec. 29Fort WayneTasse-a-nong800.001600.00 
BOUREJohn B.1825 Jany. 19Fort WayneEnglish Lake600.00600.00 
EWINGWilliam G.1825 June 20Fort WayneEnglish Lake500.001000.00 
WYMONJames1825 July 20Fort WayneForks of the Iriquois River2000.004000.00 
DREWJohn MichilimackinacSandy River200.002100.00 
MITCHELLWilliam MichilimackinacSandy River88.623900.00 
HERTUBISPierre MichilimackinacRiviere des Seauteaux Up. Missp.1700.003350.00 
DUBOISEtienne MichilimackinacPetit Mokokite Lower Missp.2174.334087.00 
CAMPBELLDuncan MichilimackinacTraverse de Scioux St. Peters2879.164440.00 
ROCHAugustin MichilimackinacTraverse de Scioux St. Peters1900.143950.00 
PACQUETTEPierre MichilimackinacOuisconsin Portage500.062250.00 
PIZAMREEdward MichilimackinacMontagne que tremps a leau U.M.1800.093400.00 
GRAHAMDuncan MichilimackinacLac qui parle St. Peters2100.434550.00 
MORRISONWilliam MichilimackinacSandy Lake Lake Supr. 2000.006000.00 
AITKINSWilliam A. MichilimackinacSandy Lake Lake Supr. 2000.005000.00 
FAIRBANKSJohn H. MichilimackinacLake Winipee or Winipec1200.001600.00 
ROUISSAINCustache MichilimackinacLeech Lake2500.005500.00 
DAVENPORTAmbrose MichilimackinacRainy Lake3000.006801.00 
PROVINCELLELouis MichilimackinacLittle Rapids St. Peters2100.004200.00 
WARRENLyman M.  MichilimackinacMagdalen Island Lake Supr.1000.003500.00 
DINGLEYDaniel MichilimackinacFollesairvoine Yellow River Lake Supr.3000.004500.00 
CORBINJ. B. MichilimackinacLac Courtereille Lake Supr.1600.003300.00 
ROBINSONRix MichilimackinacGrand River   
CAWNEPierre MichilimackinacGrand River   
GENEREUXLewis MichilimackinacGrand River   
NEWMEMVILLEJoseph MichilimackinacGrand River4200.006100.00dollars for all of Grand River
LAURENTAlexia MichilimackinacOuisconsin Village Iriquois River1000.002000.00 
HUBBARDGurdon S. MichilimackinacThe Saline on the Vermillion river1200.002100.00 
HOLLIDAYJohn MichilimackinacAnce Quiwewen on Lake Supr.4000.006000.00L'Ance
BAILLEYJoseph MichilimackinacKankakee Lac Michigan1000.003500.00 
HIRSENJacob MichilimackinacKankakee Lac Michigan1200.003600.00 

Memorandum of the above licenses, those granted at Fort Wayne, Chicago & Detroit are for the term of one year. Those granted at Green Bay expires 1st Sept. 1825 except that to Francois Roy which expires 20 July 1826, and those granted at the Sault Ste. Marie are from one year with the exception of the licenses of Thomas Shaw and Louis Grignon, which are for three months, and the John Holiday and John Hotley which are for 11 months.

SOURCE: Michigan Superintendency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1851
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 419 1824-1827

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