GENEREAU Louis Family


Louis GENEREAU Family

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Generation One

1. Louis GENEREAU, b. c. 1818 in IL.

Louis Genereau treaty No. 1080 also selected land under Michigan treaty of July 31, 1855. The land selected is section 18, township 15, range 16 W79 meaning west 79 acres in Michigan. This land claim is amended to read W79-63 meaning a 63 foot frontage and recorded under treaty No. 1080.

(1) He married Mary Ann _, b. c. 1823 in MI.

2. i. Louis b. c. 1841/4.
3. ii. William b. c. 1845.
4. iii. Charles b. c. 1847.

(2) He married _ BLACK-CLOUD, (daughter of Black-Cloud and unknown).

_: She may be the same as Mary Ann, she was the dau. of Chief Black Cloud and after Louis' death she married Chief Wabasis.


Generation Two

2. Louis GENEREAU Sr., b. c. 1841/4 in Grand River, MI, d. 25 Jun 1871 in Elbridge, Oceana Co., MI, buried in Methodist Indian Cem., Elbridge, Oceana Co., MI, military CW - Co. K (see note 1).

He married Lucy _.

5. i. Louis.
    ii. Lucy GENEREAU, b. c. 1856, d. 3 Jun 1873 in Elbridge, Oceana Co., MI.

3. William GENEREAUX, b. c. 1845 in MI, occupation farmer.

1880 Fed census Eden Twp., Mason Co. Durant #6-55.

Census (family) 1880 in Fed. census, Eden, Mason Co., MI (see note 2), Betsey MESHEBESHE, b. c. 1851/2 in MI, (daughter of Me-She-Be-She and unknown).

Betsey: 9 children by GENEREAUX.

    i. Solomon GENERAU, b. c. 1863 in MI.
    ii. Emma GENERAU, b. c. 1868 in MI.
6. iii. Eliza/Lisa b. c.1872/5.
    iv. Isaac GENERAU, b. Feb 1880 in MI.
7. v. Ella b. c. 1884.

4. Charles GENEREAUX, b. c. 1847 in Gull River, MI (see note 3), occupation laborer.
    Durant #19-55.

(1) He married Nancy _, also known as BEMIS ?, (daughter of unknown and unknown).
      Nancy: Unsure I am interpreting Durant correctly.

    i. Anna GNEREAU, b. c. 1868 in MI, d. 10 Jul 1870 in Elbridge, Oceana Co., MI.
8. ii. Nancy b. c. 1869.
    iii. Phebe GENEREAU, b. c. 1870, d. 15 Jan 1871 in Elbridge, Oceana Co., MI.
9. iv. Eva b. c. 1871.

(2) He married Mary WASEQUON, also known as WARD, LEWIS, (daughter of Waw-Say-Quo-Um and unknown) d. bef. 1908.

      v. Robert GENEREAU, b. c. 1883 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI.
          Married 1 Mar 1911 in Freesoil, Mason Co., MI, Maggie WALKER, b. c. 1862/71 in Mason Co., MI, (daughter of Peter WALKER and O-gaw-bay-you).
          Maggie: No children.
      vi. Louis GENEREAUX, b. 1893.
      vii. David GENEREAUX, b. 1895.
10. viii. Albert b. 15 Jan 1901.

(3) Married 10 Nov 1906 in Freesoil, Mason Co., MI, Mary KAYWIS, b. Mar 1860 in Oceana Co., MI, (daughter of Kay-Wis and Waw-saish-caw-no-quay).


Generation Three

5. Louis GENEREAU Jr., occupation farmer.

He married Louisa DURVENAY, b. c. 1848 in MI, (daughter of Charles DUVERNAY and Eliza _).

11. i. Levi b. c. 1867.
      ii. Valena GENEREAU, b. c. 1870 in Elbridge, Oceana Co., MI, d. 22 Jan 1871 in Elbridge, Oceana Co., MI.

6. Eliza/Lisa GENEREAUX, b. c.1872/5 in MI.

(1) She married Pean PUCKINOBINO, also known as Peter, b. c.1848 in MI, (son of Moaeb/Mob PUCKINOBINO and Mary/Kaw-guhe) d. 19 Jul 1908, occupation farmer.

i. Edna PEAN, b. c.1905.
ii. Jennie PEAN, b. Nov 1906.

(2) Married 30 May 1909 in Freesoil, Mason Co., MI, James BATTISE/WABASEWA, b. c.1857/8 in MI, (son of Waba-swey/Wa-ba-she-wa and Martha _).
     James: Adopted son of Elizabeth CHINGWASH.

7. Ella GENEREAUX, b. c. 1884.

She married Joe DAVID, b. c. Jan 1884, (son of John DAVID and Mary KAYWIS) d. 1908/10. Joe: Aka Joe JOHN.

i. John JOHN/DAVID, b. c. 1903.
ii. Andrew JOHN/DAVID, b. Nov 1906.

8. Nancy GENEREAUX, b. c. 1869.

She married Frank JOSIAH, b. c. 1855 in MI.
  Frank: In 1880, still single, lumberman, res. in Branch, Mason Co., MI.

12. i. Margaret b. c. 1885.
      ii. John JOSIAH, b. c. 1889.
      iii. Annie JOSIAH, b. c. 1895.
      iv. Jacob JOSIAH, b. c. 1898.
      v. Sophia JOSIAH, b. c. 1900.
      vi. William JOSIAH, b. c. 1902.
      vii. Jennie JOSIAH, b. c. 1905.

9. Eva GENEREUX, also known as Abbe GENERAL (see note 4), b. c. 1871.

(1) She married Peter BAILEY, also known as Phillip K. (see note 5), (son of Battise BAILEY and Lucy/(K)a(h)-be-(ghe)-sha-go-qua(y)).

      i. Lucy BAILEY, b. c. 1883.
      ii. Philip BAILEY, also known as Phillip, b. c. 1885.
      iii. Mary BAILEY, b. c. 1899.
13. iv. Phillip K. b. 27 Jul 1896.

(2) She married George HINMAN, indian name SHAW-NAW-WE-KAW-WAW, b. c. 1847, (son of Tush-quay-aw-baw-no and Jane _).
     George: Durant #10-56A.

v. Lucy HINMAN, b. c. 1892.
vi. Phillip HINMAN, b. c. 1894.
vii. Mary HINMAN, b. c. 1897.
viii. Angeline HINMAN, b. c. 1899.

10. Albert GENEREAUX, b. 15 Jan 1901 in Custer, Mason Co., MI (see note 6), d. 1 Apr 1952 in Dunsmuir, CA, occupation polisher, truck driver, RR brakeman.

Married 25 Nov 1925 in PawPaw, VanBuren Co., MI, Edith Grace GOWENS, b. 18 Aug 1905 in Covert, Van Buren Co., MI, (daughter of Francis Marion GOWENS and Ruth Ellen JONES) d. 15 Dec 1972 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI.

i. Ruth Ellen GENEREAUX, b. 24 Nov 1927 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI, d. 2 Mar 1998 in Lakeview, Montcalm Co., MI, buried in Reynolds Cem., Howard City, MI, occupation paint sprayer, social security num 382-26-2538.

(1) Married 9 Sep 1947 in Hartford, Van Buren Co., MI, Thomas Nelson WESAW, b. 6 Feb 1923 in Hartford, Van Buren Co., MI, (son of Louis MOTAY and Mary Martha PAMP) d. 17 Apr 1982 in Watervliet, Berrien Co., MI, social security num 383-16-9998.
(2) She married _ MINOR, b. c. 1863.


Generation Four

11. Levi GENEREAU, also known as GENERAL, b. c. 1867 in MI.
      Durant 11-23.
      D. 19 Feb 1909?

He married _ WAW-SAY-KE-ZHICK, (daughter of James WAW-SAY-KE-ZHICK and unknown).

_: White.

i. Evelena GENEREAU, also known as Lena / Rena / Erlena, b. c. 1889.

She married Otho S. F. SMITH, d. 22 Aug 1949.
Otho: White.

"Otho S.F. Smith Dies at Anderson. Otho S. F. Smith, 67, formerly of Muncie, died at noon yesterday at his home in Anderson after suffering a heart attack. He had been in ill health for four years.

The city fire department's resuscitator squad was called. Mr.Smith was dead when it arrived. Described as an artist, writer and retired doctor of electrotherapy, he practiced with Dr. N. B. Berry in Muncie for about 12 years. Born at Fort Recovery, O., he had spent most of his life in and around Muncie. He was a resident of Anderson for the last 16 years.

Surviviors include a son Manetho H. Smith of Anderson; a sister, Mrs. Berthe Henkey of Lafayette, and a brother, Charles D. Smith of Anderson.

The body was removed to the Harold E. Rozelle funeral home in Anderson."
(Muncie Star, Tues., Aug. 23, 1949, p.4, col.6).

12. Margaret JOSIAH, b. c. 1885.
      Durant #19-55.

She married Otto COMPEAUX, b. c. 1872, (son of Peter COMPAUX/CAMPO and Elizabeth/Lizette _) occupation laborer.

i. Paul COMPEAUX, d. 1 Nov 1907.

13. Phillip K. BAILEY, b. 27 Jul 1896 in MI (see note 7), occupation laborer.

(1) Married 2 Aug1915 in Fern, Mason Co., MI, Theresa McCLELLEN, b. c. 1896, (daughter of James McCLELLEN and Eliza KAGIJEKWAM) d. 16 Feb 1920 in Maple River Twp., Emmet Co., MI.

i. Mamie J. BAILEY, b. 24 Feb 1917 in Eden Twp., Mason Co., MI.

Married 19 Sept 1942 in Hart, Oceana Co., MI (see note 8), Mitchell Joseph BATTICE, b. 29 Jun 1918 in Hart, Oceana Co., MI, (son of Francis/Frank BATTICE and Mary LOUIS/LEWIS) d. 18 Oct 1995 in Shelby, Oceana Co., MI, buried in St. Joseph's Cem., Elbridge Twp., Oceana Co., MI, social security num 366-14-0292.

(2) Married 29 Mar 1921 in Hart, Oceana Co., MI, Mary KOON, b. c. 1882 in MI, (daughter of William KOON and Martha/Maud/Maria SHAGANABA/SHAGWABINO) d. 23 Apr 1921 in Hart, Oceana Co., MI.
     Mary: Perhaps by a 1m.?

Note 1 Enlisted 4 Jul 1863 Elbridge; Sgt., mustered 11 Jul 1863, Discharged Delaney House, D.C., 28 Jul 1865.
Note 2 p. 480D
William Generau 35 MI farmer
Betsy " 29 MI
Emma " 12 MI
Eliza " 5 MI
Isaac " 6m MI
Solomon " 17 MI

Note 3 Cannot find where Gull River is.
Note 4 From Phillip K. (the son's) death record.
Note 5 From Phillip K. (the son's) death record.
Note 6 In MR also listed as b. Manistee.
Note 7 May be same as Philip b. c. 1885 (census), b. c. 1893 (marriage). Birth record issued when he was "30" years old.
Note 8 Marriage record also states m. 19 Sep 1947 Hart to Mamie J. NAILEY d/o Phillip BAILEY & Theresa McCLELLAN.